Chowder Cup
Latest Scores
2:50 PM (5/5/2019)
Healthy Scratch 2
Frechette Tire 25C2 6
2:40 PM (5/5/2019)
CatFalcons 2
Team Warrior 25C1 1
2:30 PM (5/5/2019)
J-Rollis 3
Boozehounds 6
2:00 PM (5/5/2019)
Beer Summit Brew Dogs 4
The Band 1
1:40 PM (5/5/2019)
Hagen USA 3
GPI Flyers 2
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About Us

From a simple dream...

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The Chowder Cup began in 1991 with 4 Boston teams and 4 teams from New York. Since then we have had over 1,500 teams play in our tournaments! We started in Acton, Massachusetts and have been in the spectacular 5 rink facility in Marlboro, Massachusetts for some time now.

What began as a simple yearly tournament with a couple of people has now grown into a full time business with full time personel. We had laid the groundwork for expansion and now the time has come...

To a grand plan ...

We wanted to take what we have accomplished with the Chowder Cup and expand that to different venues, different sports and different audiences. We researched different ideas over the years and have dabbled into trying other sports ventures.  We are still looking into expanding into other areas of the country but for right now we have decided to expand our web site!

In the coming months, we will be adding features to this web site that will give our players, captains and fans a great site to go to!  We will be adding social networking and having our teams have their own web pages on this site!  We are also in the process of adding all the previous data that we have from 2003 to the present so that players and teams can see how they did over the years.

We are looking forward to share all this with you during the 2016 season!

We thank all who have participated in the Chowder Cup over the years. Without you, none of this would be possible!

Check out our logos throught the years!