Chowder Cup
Latest Scores
3:50 PM (5/7/2017)
Frechette Tire (30C2) 0
Fat Pucks 2
3:40 PM (5/7/2017)
J-Rollis 5
eskimo brothers 3
3:00 PM (5/7/2017)
CatFalcons 6
Ice Hogs 3
2:50 PM (5/7/2017)
Whalers 3
Team Warrior 6
2:40 PM (5/7/2017)
Joes Guys 4
Jokers Wild 2
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Chowder Cup Adult Hockey Tournaments

Chowder Cup is 27 Years OLD!

Since 1991, Chowder Cup has been organizing tournaments!  Our goal is always to give our players the best possible tournament experience!  We constantly try to find ways to improve and expand our tournaments so that many players in many regions can enjoy that experience!

2017 Marlboro Chowder Cup
Wednesday May 3 - Sunday May 7,2017

Chowder Cup Tournament Week!





Dont Forget...
  • Registration Forms
  • All players need to come to the Registration desk before Game 1 to sign form
  • Have License on you (no reproductions or scanned)
  • Know your Schedule Dates
  • Read Player/ Division Restrictions