Chowder Cup
Latest Scores
3:50 PM (5/7/2017)
Frechette Tire (30C2) 0
Fat Pucks 2
3:40 PM (5/7/2017)
J-Rollis 5
eskimo brothers 3
3:00 PM (5/7/2017)
CatFalcons 6
Ice Hogs 3
2:50 PM (5/7/2017)
Whalers 3
Team Warrior 6
2:40 PM (5/7/2017)
Joes Guys 4
Jokers Wild 2
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Chowder Cup Goes Social

Chowder Cup has set up a facebook page, a linked in page and a twitter account.  We also have a forum that can help players with anything from needing a player to finding out about anything associated with the Chowder Cup.

We will be very active on these platforms leading up to the tournament.  Hope you are too...Check us out!