Chowder Cup
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3:50 PM (5/7/2017)
Frechette Tire (30C2) 0
Fat Pucks 2
3:40 PM (5/7/2017)
J-Rollis 5
eskimo brothers 3
3:00 PM (5/7/2017)
CatFalcons 6
Ice Hogs 3
2:50 PM (5/7/2017)
Whalers 3
Team Warrior 6
2:40 PM (5/7/2017)
Joes Guys 4
Jokers Wild 2
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Chowder Cup Store

We have a new logo!!  Check out the full view image here!

We are in the process of creating an online store but first we need to know what merchandise to carry.  This is where you come in!  Please participate in our online poll...

Which merchandise would you be willing to purchase with the new logo on it? (Multiple Answers are allowed)