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Tournament Details: 2020 Chowder Cup Marlboro -

Chowder Cup Marlboro 2020 (Marlboro, MA)

When: Wednesday  April 29 - Sunday May 3, 2020 (Men's Tournament)
Where: New England Sports Center
Number of teams: 92 Teams; 14 Divisions (21A, 25B, 25C1, 25C2, 30A, 30C1, 30C2, 35C1, 352, 40C1, 40C2, 45C, 50C )
Team Fees: $1200 per team (includes 14 players: 13 skaters and a goalie). If a team wishes to have more than 14 players, they need to pay an additional $75 per player.
Games: Each team plays 3 first round games.  Top 4 teams in each division make the playoffs on Sunday.  First round of playoffs set the first place team versus the fourth place team in one game and the second place teams versus the third place team in the second game. Winners play for the championship the same day.  See playoff and other game facts in the rules and regulation menu section above.
Payment Schedule: All teams must have paid the following amounts by the stated dates:
$550 Deposit to reserve slot 
Final Rosters are due April 15, 2020.  Any extra player fee amounts are due at this time.
Priority Schedules:
Any team can request to have a priority schedule. As in prior years this is based on earliest date of FINAL payment. This year there is one additional consideration. All teams on that list must have at least $700 paid. The final order of priority will be based on date of final payment.
The final team schedules will be sent to the captains by April 10, 2020. No team will get a schedule with a balance due. All schedules are FINAL. Any team that forfeits a game will not be asked back again to any Chowder Cup Tournament.
Please read all the rules by clicking here.